Staffing Insights

How to Prepare for Your Engineering Interview

At various points throughout every engineer’s career, he or she must participate in a conversation with a hiring manager – or a group of managers – regarding employment status...
The Perfect Engineering Resume

In this article I detail how to create the perfect engineering resume. It is a collection of my knowledge gained as an engineer recruiter and staff provider over the last 25 years. It the article you'll find resume tips...
Successfully Integrate Your Contract Staff

Many New England firms continue to turn to contractors to meet their staffing needs. Here are some tips to successfully integrate your contract staff with your permanent employees and get the most for your contract dollar.
Tips for Working with a Recruiter for your Next Career Move

With the local engineering job market tightening up, you may be considering working with a technical recruiter to explore options for your next career move.
Why Your Company Should Consider Using a Contract Placement Firm

There are no more critical decisions your company faces than those associated with hiring professional help. Your technical staff develops the work product that is ultimately provided to your most valuable asset...
Best Practices in Technical Hiring: Don’t Miss Out on Top Candidates

The local engineering labor market has tightened over the past few months. If you plan to add engineering staff – either contract or direct – over the next several months, you may wish to review your hiring process.
So, You’re a Passive Candidate?

Here’s how to make sure you’re visible when the perfect opportunity comes along.
MA Business Confidence Ticks Upward

After bouncing up and down over the past few years, the Associated Industries of Massachusetts’ (AIM) monthly Business Confidence Index edged up in May to a reading of just over 52.
Phone Interviews – Keys to Success for Engineering Hiring Managers

With everyone busier than ever, it’s no wonder that phone interviews have become a common method for our clients to quickly screen technical candidates we refer.